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Review of related literature about mobile phones

Literature Review On Refined Purpose Of The Proposed Study. The purpose of the proposed study is to look into the issues concerning communication that arise due to the increasing use of mobile phones in society. communication among children, specifically the role of mobile technology in threatening to change the future generation’s patterns. Literature Review in Mobile Technologies and Learning Literature Review in Mobile Technologies and Learning Literature Review in Mobile Technologies and Learning Literature Review in Mobile Technologies and Learning LITERATURE REVIEW: MOBILE PHONES AND ITS USAGE Today‚ mobile phones are very common and prevalent in our society. Human relationship and mental concentration are now replaced by electronic connections.Mobile phones have become a necessity and this industry is taking every one’s mind by storm. This technology brought many facilities with it i.e. convenience‚ ease of. A review of the literature] The mobile phone is a relatively new technological tool, versatile and accessible, and very attractive, especially for young people, but whose use involves a risk of abuse and addictive behavior. In recent years there has been increasing interest in this problem, especially in view of the fact that..

LITERATURE REVIEW Recent studies suggest that cell phones have evolved into something more than a simple communication tool, gaining its own place in various aspects of social interaction. For instance, a qualitative study on Australian adolescents revealed that cell phones play an integral part in the lives of young Australians (Walsh, White, & Ross, 2008). Mobile phones and health: a literature overview. The rapidly evolving mobile phone technology raised public concern about the possibility of associated adverse health effects. The current body of evidence is summarized addressing epidemiological studies, studies investigating adverse biological effects, other biological effects, basic mechanisms a.. H1: Mobile phone ads will have more advertising effects in terms of attitude toward the brand and purchase intention in the Egyptian market. Egyptian consumers are affected by mobile phone ads. H2: Mobile phone ads attract consumers & convince them to purchase the product or use the service in the ads. Jan 01, 2020We systematically review the literature on smartphone use and academic success. • We find a predominance of empirical results supporting a negative association. • This finding is driven by studies relying on actual GPA measures. • The literature’s main limitation is that its results cannot be causally interpreted. like a mobile phone. Many examples of learning with mobile technologies fit in to this description. Personal digital assistants and mobile phones are the most commonly used technologies for mobile learning, but they exist within the larger space of possible mobile technologies that can be broadly categorised on the two dimensions of 1.

To present a brief account of some related research works of mobile learning. III. DESIGN OF THE STUDY This study is a review study. The literature was reviewed to find articles that are related to the mobile learning. 26 articles were found.

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Review of related literature about mobile phones

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